“And so it begins..”

Ok, so a certain Vorlon came up with that line but I still like it. It’s the introduction to the business aspect of Vocal Varieties. It’s the business owned, managed, cuddled, disciplined (or vice-versa) by Dave Clark, known to a few as DarkwingDave.

What I’d like to have you think about as I prepare more missives to share is..

What is your ACTION reason? Why is that capitalized? Because it’s more than just a word, a noun or a verb; it’s a personal statement about you. You’ll learn why in the days to come. Just keep that in mind that it’s about you.

Vocal Varieties is based in Centralia, WA and provides coaching for communication skills, professional speaking including Master of Ceremony duties, keynote, inspirational and training presentations.

New to our repertoire is live event video recording.¬† If you have a special event you’d like preserved with custom editing then let us provide you with a quote for that project.

Looking forward to seeing and talking with you in the future and remember the words of the great Jim Rohn,

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.”


~ by PugetSoundPrepper on July 19, 2011.

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